What Clients Say About CAM

CAM Shelters have a long track record of delivery. We do not underserve our clients’ interests, nor do we deviate from any standards that they and the industry set. This has attracted a lot of positive reviews from the people we have worked for. 

In the years since we were established, we have delivered on numerous projects that extend beyond Australia. In New Zealand, we have equally earned a strong reputation. Here are some of the things that our testimonials have remarked on.


CAM places a premium on the quality of its works. Right from the outset, we always have determined to adhere strictly to quality requirements. Industry regulations or not, CAM also has a predetermined quality benchmark that competes favourably with others around. When clients come to us, they can always know that we neither derail from our preset standards nor reverse from whatever stipulations have been laid down by regulators.


In the area of design, our clients also submit a hearty vote of confidence. While it has been several years since our works’ inception, our enthusiasm for creativity has not changed. Understanding that our work environments’ diversity will always require us to offer something new, we take the extra leap of finding new things wherever they might be. Our staff’s inborn abilities have helped us showcase new surprises in every project. Residents of localities, as well as their council members, have not been shy in praising us.

Timely Delivery

As we are firm believers in keeping to time, we complete our projects regularly. We have often had councils that require multiple shelter installations across different spaces within a short time frame. No matter how tough this appeared, we have also always delivered. We must equally note that getting our assignments done under a limited period does not undermine our work quality. Installations are standard, and we provide world-class facilities.


One thing that CAM is especially known for is our ability to coordinate. We have extraordinary standards when it comes to organisation at our company, and this has bred deft coordination skills in our staff in return. We have coordinated projects that are well out of our operating domain and left the client in no uncertainty about our commitment to the project.

Readily, testimonials have been offered on how well we see things to the end and the communication we maintain with our clients. Again, we must note that we do not sacrifice important bits such as quality and timeliness. The projects are lauded for their quality and how quickly it was also delivered.

At CAM, we do not believe that anyone should be delighted with a less than superb client review. We pursue the complete satisfaction of our customers without relenting, and this is what spurs our growth. Because we know that value is not a thing to be toyed with, we give each installation, small or major, every shot of sweat and skill that we have.