Health and Safety

Our Policy on Health and Safety

At CAM, we place a huge premium on the health and safety of our employees. Everyone who works on a project site or in the factory should be safeguarded against hazards that may occur while working. To this end, CAM has acquired the highest certification level for health and safety management practices in New Zealand. Among our staff, we also insist on excellent habits when in the use of high-risk equipment. 


In line with company policy and professional standards, we conduct periodic training of our staff on the use of equipment and handling of hazardous material. To keep our employees safe, we ensure that new equipment is adequately mastered before deployed for full day-to-day assignments in the factory. We also conduct training to keep our staff abreast of changes or updates in industry standards. This helps to ensure that each individual knows what the regulations are and how to follow them.

Hazardous Material

CAM has strong guidelines on how hazardous materials should be handled. The task is executed with adherence to all the guidelines. During transportation, we also ensure that all the safety protocols surrounding it are duly followed. We take this very seriously and spare no effort in cementing the attitude in our staff as well. 

Protective Equipment

Even as we invest in high-quality, quick delivery equipment, we do this with full consideration of safety needs. When we go on projects or our staff are undertaking normal factory routines, using protective gear is an important part of the job. Each staff member has to use gear to be protected from any hazards that come with the job.

A high level of care and attention is equally encouraged. As a further reflection of this, safety gear is just as normal a part of our distant projects as the equipment we carry along. Onboard our vehicles are safety tools to be used when working with machines. This way, wherever we are, safety follows us.


While it is an integral part of management duties to enforce an observation of safety protocols, we also view it as a habit that our staff should imbibe. In this wise, CAM encourages every staff member to remain aware of best practices. To avoid injury while using equipment, we emphasise the need for adherence to rules.

No matter how capable it may be, every machine that is used has risks attached to it. While the gear provides some assurance level, it is still important that the individual does not directly engage trouble by mishandling it. Thus, the consciousness of safety practices is a personal mandate of every person.

Our Track Record

CAM has been in operation for a long period. In all those years, we have had scant records of safety breaches on the job. In the contracts, we have undertaken either small-scale civil projects or high-volume constructions; CAM has performed excellently in delivering projects without recording injuries. We keep our staff well informed and make notes of any hazard that may occur during a project.