Graffiti and Vandalism Protection

What We Offer

Vandalism of public facilities has always been a problem encountered by councils. It can reduce enthusiasm for a project as the higher the chance of vandalism, the less worthwhile the construction looks. Fortunately, though, we at CAM Shelters have long studied and understood the habits of vandals. Following our discoveries, we have been working on new ways to make the shelter more resistant to vandalism, or at the very least, protect the public from its aftermath.

Laminated Glass

This is the preferred choice at CAM Shelters. Laminated glass is well reputed for its tough nature and is used for car windshields. In terms of economic choices, laminated glass is also an excellent choice. This glass does not shatter when slammed by a vandal.

The psychological effect of this is a disappointment which makes it seem unbreakable and simply forces the vandal to lose interest. Even when it does crack, the glass has a laminated layer in the middle, which keeps the structure in place after this. This prevents it from dismantling and spreading shards across the floor. In turn, the council will not incur the costs of cleaning the area up. With the damage also, the glass can stay in place, remaining functional and weatherproof until it is fixed.

CAM Toughglass

At CAM, we have developed our kind of glass. It bears similarities to polycarbonate, which makes it resistant to smash. It can also resist the activities of chemicals with protection against UV.

CAM tough glass has the unique clarity of normal glass and can be deployed in places with a high chance of impact. However, the panel is susceptible to scratch. You can solve this by using graffiti film as an outer cover.

Perforated Panels

Perforated panels have tiny holes in them. They offer a level of protection against the elements but are most regarded for their resistance to breakage. A vandal tries to use graffiti; the act is nearly impossible as the paint travels through the holes instead, wasting the effort. When a marker pen is used, the holes also deter easy writing across the panel. 

Toughened Glass

This kind of panel is harder than its laminated counterpart. It is very difficult to break. However, when the glass does succumb to breakage, it does this completely and spectacularly.

In contrast to laminated glass, the whole structure falls to the ground posing a threat to passersby who will take the route. Clean-up has to be done quickly to prevent this. The panel also has to be restored fast to ensure that the shelter remains weatherproof. 

Graffiti Film

CAM has also researched the development of graffiti film. This material covers the main glass and essentially resists the etching or scratching of glass panels. Covering the glass means that it acts as a sacrificial layer to keep the glass safe. 

We offer services on the application of clear graffiti film to glass panels. The clear film protects the panel from scratch and functions as an extra layer of protection against smash. This helps to hold the structure in place. Equally, it is a good option for hiding scratches on the panel instead of doing a complete replacement.