Design and Build Shelter

Our Design Activities

CAM Shelters has a well-established history in the design and construction of bus shelters. We have seen evolutions in design and adaptations to fit emerging tastes. In like manner, we have also transformed to meet up to these varying standards.

As the age demanded of us, we have carved a niche for ourselves by creating outcomes credited immediately to our engineers. Our experience in designing and building bus shelters is a valuable quality in our delivery of contracts. In terms of the skills of our employees, experience plays a huge role. In our knowledge of the sector, the experience is also a central factor.


As we have always evolved to meet emerging standards, years of doing this have made us capable of matching project costs to delivery. With our engineering and design expertise, we can execute projects such that the financial impact is only slightly felt. Customers get the benefit of seeing their ideas come to life at minimal prices.


CAM shelters have considered all the building needs of our customers. We also believe that we must give what everyone has come for. To this end, we have our in-house factory for assembling building components. At our factory, we manufacture all the materials so that each detail we are required to put in is directly done and supervised.

Production involves the use of state-of-the-art design and construction equipment. We follow these up by keeping to the regulatory standards of the industry. Thus, customers have their projects in good hands.

Logistics and Installation 

Similarly, the production of the site process is covered, as well. We cover every facet of the project. We possess a fleet of heavy-duty vehicles capable of moving materials from the production base to the project site. Regardless of distance, we can handle the traffic and other surrounding aspects of getting the job done.

On the matter of installation, we have a seasoned team of engineers and design specialists who will perfect the installation process. They come along with their tools for the site and knowledge of safety measures for putting things in place.


As part of our project delivery, we handle all the basics that concern our customers. This involves providing information on all the relevant issues that can come up during the project. Because of our vast experience in this line of work, we understand matters such as vandalism, traffic in the chosen area, safety, and many more that can come up in the installation of a public facility. When we equip our customers with these insights, due consideration can be given to all, from where we now take care of the whole project. 

You will see the outcome of everything we do through every stage of the project. This way, the full work is completely appreciated.

Modern Designs

At CAM, our engineers have a flair for creativity. We give value to our clients with our eyes for exactly what would fit. This includes imbuing our designs with architectural quality and sturdiness for the long term. Our portfolio features a diverse range of project designs that we have worked on in the past.