Covered Walkways


CAM is versatile at creating excellent walkways. We offer our services in the design and construction of walkways. Our designs so far have produced aesthetically appealing results for customers.

Working on the project will be tradespeople, skilled engineers, and project managers with many years of experience behind them. Equally, we will deliver projects by working hand-in-hand with everyone completely concerned. This will include architects, customers, and designers.

A major assurance of quality in the design and construction walkways is the manufacturing arm of CAM Shelters. At this place, we fabricate pieces so that everything is done to the customers’ taste. All through the project, we also endeavour to maintain as much charge of it as possible. This way, each facet of delivery is supervised by us and reflective of the customer’s desires.

Below are some of the walkway designs that we offer. 

Portal-Styled Walkways

Our portal-styled walkways are suitable for use in institutions such as schools, public areas, between buildings, airports, shopping centres, etcetera. This walkway is cost-effective and can protect from the elements as people move from one building to the other within the same area. Portal-styled walkways come in both rolled roof and sloping designs. There is also an application of powder coating to suit different colour needs.

Double-Sided Cantilever Walkways

The double-sided cantilever walkway is an immense addition to wherever it is used. It is a way of infusing style into the atmosphere of a building. You can use it in airports as well as other public environments. The double-sided can equally be customised with designs so that the tastes of the customer are well represented. 

Single-Sided Cantilever Walkway

Single-sided walkways are the ideal choice when seeking beauty in a shelter. The single-sided cantilever has strong rear legs, which add to the sturdy look of the structure. CAM Shelters can extend this walkway to several metres to accommodate multiple people. For effect, you can also customise the walkway canopy to give an extra touch to its feel. A tinted glass roof or a material with graphical designs on it are fine options for overhead cover.

3D Modelling

CAM can bring customers desire to live with an on-screen display of the project before it is done. The 3D process is also done as a fault-finding measure to discover any error in the design. Modelling helps us to determine where we have gone wrong and effect necessary changes immediately. It also demonstrates to the customer the potentials of the project we are undertaking. Using software also facilitates the design processes before the work is brought to the physical phase.

What Else?

Designing and building canopies also involve doing it for residential purposes too. We design and build walkways for commercial as well as personal use. Our engineers enliven the process and give customers the best quality that they can ask for.

Equally, there is the process of integrating the customer with the technical details of the project. All through the individual phases, there is close engagement as we get things done.