CAM Plant And Equipment

Our Equipment

Making good on our projects requires that we have the best kind of tools for the job. Different bits and pieces have to be called in to guarantee optimum delivery. In this wise, CAM has it in plenty.

We have a factory which is about twelve thousand square feet in size. The bulk of this ground is used to carry out fabrication works for our clients. The factory is also the place where the skeletal frames of our projects are first assembled. At our factory, we utilise diverse engineering equipment, which is also in keeping with modern standards. 


To fully execute any project, we also own an array of vehicles that can handle different activities. We have small vehicles for routine transport tasks as well as heavy-duty trucks. We also have trailers that are completely mobile and ready to reach any place for the movement of raw materials across regions.

In addition to this, we have a stack of equipment loaded into our vans for immediate use. This equipment is the kind that you will need to carry out jobs on-site. Similarly, there are safety tools that conform to regulatory guidelines and protect our workers on the job. Below are some of the high-end equipment and what they do.

Gantry Crane

The gantry crane is an important component of our factory works. It is a sizeable tool that we use in lifting and moving machine pieces from one point to another. The crane undertakes all the heavy lifting jobs and gives our manufacturing a needed boost.


Drilling equipment at the CAM factory is topnotch. Suited to dynamic projects, we deploy these to get the best design results during the fabrication of components. We also use these to make holes and get the components fitted for whatever we will be dealing with at the project site.


Equally, as welding is an essential task of any fabrication we are doing, our plant is outfitted to include what it takes. Across the factory’s layout are welding tools that are utilised in the joining of various metallic bits. 


These are a particularly fundamental part of our project delivery. Generators are what ensure that we can reach faraway places where power may or may not be available. To keep work going regardless, our generators are kept mobile and in high service conditions.

Water Blasters

These pieces of equipment form part of the bulk that we need to carry around. We use water blasters for cleaning tasks at the work sites. They help to get interfering dirt or moss out of the way and allow us to get down to work quickly.

In addition to these, we use them to clean our equipment, not to get dirt on the roads we will be travelling on. This is in line with the environmental standards of various councils we work with. On both ends, we fall in line where our deadline requires us to maintain the standards that we have to follow.