Bus Shelter Styles

What We Do

Bus shelters come in a variety of styles and designs. These designs reflect the desire of the client and the skill of the manufacturer. As a matter of skill, we at CAM Shelters can design functional yet stylish shelters.

We have a portfolio of previous projects where we have shown our remarkable talents at building bus shelters. With our team of qualified engineers, we have created shelters for numerous councils across Australia. Each one of them is tailored to meet specific requirements and serve the needs of the relevant council. Below are some of the most popular designs which we have made so far.

Single Cantilevered Style

This is a particularly attractive make of bus shelters. With a combination of tinted glass, opaque or clear acrylic, and corrugated iron, occupants get an interesting graphical feel of the shelter. While waiting, they can feel at ease under the artistic comfort of the shelter. The designs on the shelter can also make a nice reflection on the floor at nighttime. We have created similar designs in different places such as Perth WA and Kempsey NSW.

Double Cantilevered Style

This is the largest of our shelter designs. It is the most appropriate for accommodating several occupants at a go. The design also allows for entry at both ends, making it easy for commuters to make an entry. The design is an outstanding appeal and has received great commendations from the people we have built it for.

Barrel Vaulted Style

If what is needed is a shelter that is both aesthetic and economically welcoming, this is certainly the design of choice. The shelter has the appearance of a rolled roof and has gutters on both edges. It comes in various sizes, slimline and full size. The shelter design has met a high degree of acceptance from numerous councils in Australia. Its economic nature and appeal make it the most popular style that we make.

Angled Roof Style

The angled roof shelter style is most notable for its adaptability to a new appearance. You can use the shelter alongside glass, storm grills, as well as perforated panels for a completely new effect. In place of a gutter on both ends, the shelter uses its backward sloped roof to deflect water off the top to its back.

With CAM shelters, there is an overwhelming assurance of quality. Most of our designs are majorly done using aluminium which has a very high level of corrosion resistance. This ensures the long use of any shelter.

Our designs are oriented to get used, in places with a lot of space and others with limited room. When purchasing our shelter, there is an opportunity to either have it made with seats or without them. In terms of seat making, we have developed very comfortable designs that serve the customer’s needs.

Shelters can also be built in different colours depending on the requirements of our customers. They are strongly layered with powder coating. To ensure that the powder coating matches our standards, we also interact closely with our suppliers to get the right effect.