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Bus Shelters, Bus Interchange Transport Shelter

Welcome to CAM Shelters – We Provide Bus Shelter and Bus Interchange Transport Shelter

CAM Shelters have a long track record of delivery. In the years since we were established, we have delivered on numerous projects that extend beyond Australia. In New Zealand, we have equally earned a strong reputation.

Making good on our projects requires that we have the best kind of tools for the job. Different bits and pieces have to be called in to guarantee optimum delivery. In this wise, CAM has it in plenty. Undoubtedly, an organisation such as ours requires skill and knowledge to guide it. Without these two, our targets and cannot be met. In that wise, therefore, CAM management is exceedingly capable.

Business Shelters

We are skilled when it comes to business shelters. Some of the things we can deliver on include:

Bus Shelter Styles

Bus shelters come in a variety of styles and designs. These designs reflect the desire of the client and the skill of the manufacturer. As a matter of skill, we at CAM Shelters can design functional yet stylish shelters. We have a portfolio of previous projects where we have shown our remarkable talents at building bus shelters.

Design and Build Shelter

CAM Shelters has a well-established history in the design and construction of bus shelters. We have seen evolutions in design and adaptations to fit emerging tastes. In like manner, we have also transformed to meet up to these varying standards. As the age demanded of us, we have carved a niche for ourselves by creating outcomes credited immediately to our engineers. Our experience in designing and building bus shelters is a valuable quality in our delivery of contracts.

Graffiti and Vandalism Protection

Vandalism of public facilities has always been a problem encountered by councils. It can reduce enthusiasm for a project as the higher the chance of vandalism, the less worthwhile the construction looks. Fortunately, though, we at CAM Shelters have long studied and understood the habits of vandals. Following our discoveries, we have been working on new ways to make the shelter more resistant to vandalism.

Covered Walkways

CAM is versatile at creating excellent walkways. We offer our services in the design and construction of walkways. Our designs so far have produced aesthetically appealing results for customers. Working on the project will be tradespeople, skilled engineers, and project managers with many years of experience behind them. Equally, we will deliver projects by working hand-in-hand with everyone completely concerned. This will include architects, customers, and designers.

Case Studies

CAM has a long history of undertaking major projects in councils across Australia. These projects occur under intense deadlines, which put us all on our toes. However, we have delivered quality on each project against all odds. We also met requirements in a timely and convenient manner. When speaking of accomplishments, we at CAM shelters have many under our belts. Our case studies reflect the projects we have undertaken.