Case Studies

CASE STUDY - Airport Departure Shelter

September 2011

Whangarei Airport had an issue with transferring passengers in a good way between the airport terminal and the awaiting planes. Keeping safety, passenger comfort and security in mind, they needed a solution that would handle the exposed nature of the airport located on the end of a peninsula.

CAM designed, built and installed a structure that is strong, matches with the existing building, provides good protection for passengers and fit a realistic budget. The glass panel walls of the 14m x 4m shelter provide a seamless transition between the terminal and the tarmac while maintaining contact with the visitors area for families and friends to farewell each other. The acrylic roof also brightens the environment in the shelter.

The new arrivals & departure shelter was also colour matched and designed to fit with the existing building. With a strong galvanised steel frame, this is a structure that will last for years to come. This project was delivered and installed in an agreed timeframe before the Rugby World Cup games being held in Whangarei, September 2011.


"We recently installed a covered walkway from our Airport Terminal building to the airside apron. This was not only to protect our passengers from the elements but an enhancement of security so that passengers no longer passed through the public viewing area. The work required linking up to the existing building structure which of course required a bit of innovation to ensure a weather proof link up. CAM were quick to design and quote on the job, liaised easily with the local builder doing the link up and once given the go ahead had the components made up and installed in a timely manner. This is especially significant in that the project was a long way from their main base. We have received nothing but praise for the job and have had no cause to raise concern about the project or its quality. I therefore have no problem recommending CAM for any future project."

Mike Chubb
Manager, Whangarei Airport