Case Studies

CASE STUDY - Transit Centre Bus Interchange Shelters

In 2008, The North Shore City Council in Auckland approached CAM for a solution to build a modern transit centre in Albany, within it’s available budget. CAM developed a design based on the work the Council had completed so far which fitted the environment, the required specifications and most importantly the budget (which the original designs did not fit). CAM completely engineered (including the civil work) and built this project which won an award as a finalist for the best use of glass in New Zealand. This included the concrete and timber furniture and shelters. Features of this project are the unique rounded roof structure with patterned glass creating interesting ground effects in the sun as well as the all side weather protection offered by the wall and seating structure.  The seats and all around leaner bars add to functionality. 4 of these shelters were installed next to a new shopping mall complex.


"I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the impressive effort by the CAM Team on the implementation of this project. CAM’s impact on the project was very positive, from the provision of design and budgeting assistance through to the time sensitive fabrication and installation of the shelters and associated infrastructure. CAM’s Project Management team , in particular, has impressed me with their commitment and dedication to achieving an optimal outcome for Council. CAM delivered a high quality product within time and budget. They’re a capable and innovative contractor, who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend."

Ian Bielawa - Project Engineer
North Shore City Council