Bus Shelters

CAM Bus Shelter Styles

CAM produces shelters in a variety of styles, sizes, claddings and colour finishes, enabling you to personalise shelters to meet specific requirements. All CAM bus shelters are engineered and constructed with stong welded structural aluminium frames. All shelters are designed by our qualified structural engineering team. The base styles of shelters and specifications we produce are shown below. There are 4 base models of CAM shelters that are popular with Australian councils. Copies of brochures can be downloaded below.

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Barrel vaulted style

The barrel vaulted roof is our most popular style of shelter. See the Avon shelter brochures below. The barrel vaulted design is an appealing design which gives a nice rolled roof look and has gutters along the front and back edge of the roof. The shelter is available in both full size and slimline sides in 2.4m, 3.6m and 4.8m lengths or larger if required. Shelters can be personalised by use of logos and graphics . This is the most popular and economic style chosen by many councils throughout Australisia.


Angled Roof style

The sloped roof shelter is the simplest portal shelter. It takes advantage of the angle of the roof to direct water of the back of the shelter without the use of gutters. Sloped roof shelters can be built with the full range of sizes either 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m or 4.8m lenghts. This model can be used in conjunction with storm grills, glass and perforated panels for completely different appearance.


Single Cantilevered Style

The single sided cantilever shelter is a very attractive looking modular shelter (refer to night vision picture). We have recently installed versions of these at a number of sites including Kempsey NSW and extended versions have also been installed in Perth WA. The combination of larger rear legs and floating side panels provides a strong architectural feel. Mini Corrugated iron, tinted glass, clear or opaque acrylic or glass with graphics applied are good alternative roof options. Strong contrast graphics can create interesting shade patterns on the ground for added effect and interest.


Double Cantilevered Style

The Double Sided Canter Levered Shelter is ideal for areas where both sides of the shelter can be accessed. This shelter is the largest of the modular shelters and is able to house the most patrons. The picture shown is one of 10 netball shelters. These shelters have had a very positive response from all patrons.


Brochures of Popular CAM Shelters


CAM Avon Bus Shelters CAM Avon Slimline Bus Shelters CAM Eden Bus Shelters CAM Thames Bus Shelters
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CAM shelters are manufactured to exacting engineering standards. The majority of our shelter structures are made with aluminium, being highly corrosion resistant. Our standard structures are welded to provide the strength and stiffness, important safety factors. The gutters are an integral component of the shelter based on our proprietary extrusion.

Our most popular style of shelter is the 3.6m by 1.34m shelter with a barrel vaulted roof as shown above. This shelter can be produced with or without a front panel. The slimline version of this shelter is popular where there are space limitations as is our smaller cubicle model (2.4m in length).

We highly recommend the use of mid bars in each side panel. This increases the strength of the shelter and allows customers to choose a combination of materials (usually glass and perforated panels) in the side and back panels.The use of mid-bars and perforated panels discourage vandalism and results in reduced glass maintenance costs.

Shelters can be supplied with or without seats. In addition to our standard bench seat models, CAM offers a number of attractive ergonomic seat designs. Our shelters have a tough powdercoated finish with numerous colour options available.

CAM has worked closely with its Powdercoating supplier to ensure exacting standards are achieved. There are a number of further options that can be added to our shelters as referred to in the specification sheet.


Standard Shelter Specifications:

Dimensions: Length 2.5m, 3.6m, 4.8m
  Height 2.1m
  Width 1.34m (full width), 1.00m (slimline)
Structural material:   aluminium or steel
Finish:   powdercoated
Roof Styles:   barrel vaulted, flat/slanted
Roof cladding:   acrylic, corrugated iron, ACM (Aluminium
Side cladding :   glass (laminated or toughened), perforated panels, acrylic, corrugated iron, ACM
Seat material:    wood or aluminium
Standard Seat style:   bench seat with or without back
Further Options:   • mid panel separators
• CAM proprietary aluminium extrusion 
• anti grafitti treatment 
• ergonomic seating
• lighting options (incl Solar)
• customised storm grills
• tinted glass
• graphics and protective glass coatings