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Traffic Safety Cones
Traffic Safety Cones

It is CAM’s policy to fully embrace the objectives of the Health and Safety regulations, where management and employees work in an effective partnership to promote an accident free workplace, ensuring the health and safety of all people in the vicinity of our workplace.

Through total commitment by staff and management, CAM obtained the highest level Tertiary Level certification for ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices in NZ.  Installation staff are Sitesafe certified and sub contractors around Australia are expected to demonstrate a high level of health and safety practices.  CAM’s Health and Safety manual has been specifically created by CAM’s workplace safety consultants, for our work manufacturing and installing bus shelters.

To this end, we take all practical steps to identify and control hazardous materials and situations, train and insist upon safe work practices by all employees and contractors (who have equal responsibility to ensure they work in a safe manner), regularly inspect and maintain all machinery and equipment, provide information to all personnel on emergency procedures, and record all accidents or incidents that may occur.

CAM undertakes hazard identification with no serious injuries in all our years of operation.  Virtually every contract we have undertaken has required contract specific considerations and documentation for health and safety and we are well versed in this practice.