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CAM Plant and Equipment

CAM Dingo at work
CAM Dingo at work

CAM possesses a significant base of plant and equipment which enables us to handle relatively high volume work.

CAM owns its own 12,000 square feet factory.  Approximately half the space is devoted to fabrication fitted with modern engineering equipment (gantry crane, welding, drilling, cutting, etc) with the balance of the factory being set up for our assembly activities.

CAM also owns a modern vehicular fleet that includes a large hiab truck, 3 tip trucks, and 8 other work vehicles (vans and utes), 2 dingo excavators, 1.8T digger plus various trailers used for transportation of raw materials and manufactured product.

Our vans each store the relevant tools and safety equipment which are typically required for our on-site works.  In addition CAM has a substantial store of larger equipment (e.g. concrete saw, water blasters, generators etc) which are taken to the job on an as-needs basis.

CAM staff are experienced in installations in far away locations with successful large scale installations in Perth, Canberra, Dunedin, Queensland and more.