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CAM Shelters (Community Asset Management NZ Ltd.) is a privately owned company providing public shelters and walkway solutions throughout Australisia.  CAM Shelters head office is located in Auckland, New Zealand which we find offers many benefits to Australian clients. CAM is fully registered for business in Australia as GST registered under ABN#12 563 185 481.

CAM employs nearly 30 staff including many experienced trade staff, including our 2 founding shareholders. Our senior management team includes mechanical and structural engineering expertise.  CAM has strong design and engineering capabilities, health and safety, quality control, environmental management, resources, and in-house management systems, having had to satisfy many councils and large organisations in both NZ and Australia.

CAM has a substantial and successful track record in working with councils and clients on contracts of all sizes and tight delivery timetables.  In many instances CAM has been required to develop unique design and engineering solutions to meet specific requirements.

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CAM employs nearly 30 staff , including 6 in management roles, 3 in administration and customer support, 2 structural engineers and a number of qualified tradesmen. We outline below further details of CAMís senior management and labour resources.
Read some of the Testimonials from satisfied CAM bus shelter clients throughout Australasia.

More testimonials are available on request.
CAM Dingo at work CAM possesses a significant base of plant and equipment which enables us to manufacture and install high quality shelters. A fleet of vehicles including trucks, diggers and trailers, all equiped with tools and safety equipment allow us to handle installations and minor civil works with ease. CAM staff are experienced in installation away from home.
Traffic Safety Cones CAM holds the highest possible NZ Tertiary Level ACC Health and Safety Certification. It is CAM’s policy to fully embrace the objectives of the Health and Safety in the Employment Act, where management and employees work in an effective partnership to promote an accident free workplace, ensuring the health and safety of all people in the vicinity of our workplace.

We are proud of producing a product that is nearly 100% recyclable and make all efforts to recycle and protect every environment we work in. All our work is governed by our Environmental Policy.


CAM operates a certified Quality Assurance Program and we are currently working towards ISO 9001 qualification.

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